SchoolsRule Marin

The Foundation for Reed Schools is thankful for the support of SchoolsRule and its donors

SchoolsRule-Marin donated more than $30,000 to RUSD in 2017

When you think Marin, you think affluence – it is as simple as that. What we fail to see or address is that there are children in the Marin School District who lack even the most basic of resources: whether it be nutritious meals, books, an equal education, or technology. This inequality affects all of Marin County. SchoolsRule seeks, with the help of Marin residents, to address this gap by providing equal access to the resources needed for a quality education, regardless of zip code.

SchoolsRule-Marin is a coalition of the 20 public school foundations who are working to benefit every public school student in Marin County. Its objectives are to engage the community in a discussion about our schools and the important issues facing education, to encourage action through volunteering in the schools, and, in an unprecedented step in our community, to work together as one in raising funds for all students in all public schools.