In 2016-17, The Foundation was focused on increasing participation in our Family Giving Campaign. In previous years, we had seen a steady decline in family participation putting funding for critical academic programs at risk. Last year, our community heard this call to action and participation in the Family Giving Campaign increased significantly, from 49 to 72 percent. A team of dedicated and hardworking parents stepped up to help ensure our success. We are so grateful for the inspiration of these volunteers as well as our community’s generosity and commitment to exceptional public education.

This year, with 60 fewer families in our district, participation in The Family Giving Campaign will be more important than ever. Participation is an indicator of the strength of the Foundation and we ask that you please consider a contribution that is meaningful to you and your family. Gifts of every size make a difference.

We have updated our website in order to provide clarity and transparency with regard to Foundation operations. We also realize the importance of clearly communicating the specific allocation and overall impact of our $2 million grant to the district. We hope you will be inspired to donate because you understand how much of a difference your gift makes in your child’s educational experience.

Thank you for investing in your child’s education.

With Gratitude,

Christina Bosch,
Executive Director, Foundation for Reed Schools