a community of givers

I am so grateful to this community of families that continues to go above and beyond to ensure the highest quality education for all students. In 2016-17, families overwhelmingly heard our call to action, increasing participation in the Family Giving Campaign from 49 to 73 percent and helping us meet our financial goals and commitments to the district.

In 2017-18, I was once again impressed by the generous response from our community. Last year, we had 75 percent participation in the Family Giving Campaign proving that ensuring access to teachers and programs not funded in most California public schools is of utmost importance to this community. With the population of our district in decline for a third consecutive year, family participation in the Family Giving Campaign remains my highest priority.

Although public education is free, quality public education, particularly in the state of California, is not. This year, the Foundation embarks on its 40th Anniversary and is proud to fully fund 20 of the 90 RUSD teachers, ensuring enhanced learning opportunities for our children. In fact, since 1978, the Foundation has granted more than $30 million to RUSD to ensure that our children have access to an exceptional public education.

We have produced this brochure to provide transparency and clearly communicate the impact of our $2 million grant to the district. I hope the information within inspires you to join our community of givers because your gift truly makes a difference in our children’s educational experience.

With gratitude,

Christina Bosch
Executive Director, Foundation for Reed Schools