raise your paddle

RAISE YOUR PADDLE for digital displays


Each year at The Regatta, generous parents raise their paddles to help fund projects, programs and technology that allow the district to provide exceptional learning experiences for our children. RUSD strives to create learning environments where students are challenged and inspired to reach their full intellectual, social-emotional and creative potential, ensuring 21st century readiness for every student.


This year, we are asking parents to raise their paddles for a District Grant to fund Digital Displays in our 90 classrooms, libraries and Design Labs.

RUSD teachers currently rely on old fashioned projectors to communicate with their students. At this point, these projectors are outdated and in varying states of disrepair. YET, they are still the heart and soul of classroom communication and instruction! 

By upgrading our technology to Apple TV based Digital Displays, communication between teachers and students is not only restored but significantly enhanced. It also allows teachers the ability to teach from any location within (or outside of) a classroom without being anchored to the front of the room. In short, this technology is essential to a 21stCentury Classroom and creates the most relevant and innovative classroom environment possible for each of our students. 

With each Digital Display costing $1,000, our goal is to raise $90,000 to implement this innovative technology for every classroom at every school for the fall of 2018.

Please visit our Virtual Classroom under the tent to learn more about this incredible technology directly from our teachers. 

While you are there, make sure to grab a raffle ticket for a chance to win 20 In & Out Burgers that will be delivered to you later (much later) in the evening — a little late-night craving filler for you and 19 of your closest friends!

The raffle winner will be announced at the start of the Raise Your Paddle portion of the evening. But you need to visit our Virtual Classroom to win. 

thank you!

we look forward to seeing you under the tent!