RUSD’s TOSA Program is one of the many ways in which Foundation giving has a direct impact on our students. As the district’s Math TOSA, Paul Devoto’s primary goal is to support the math programs at Reed, Bel Aire and Del Mar. He works directly with the superintendent, administrators and teachers at each school to help all students be successful in math.

Math classrooms look fundamentally different today. They are vibrant spaces of inquiry, discovery, and collaboration. Students engage with math concepts, identify and make use of patterns, discuss their ideas and findings with their classmates, and co-create visual models and representations of their work. In the new, modern math classroom, students experience rigorous math standards in deeper, more meaningful ways.


The shift to this new math classroom is driven by the new California standards and requires innovative curriculum and specific instructional strategies. The Math TOSA's primary role is to improve student achievement by supporting all teachers in this transition.

Our Math TOSA supports schools with the development of intervention and enrichment programs, the application of adaptive and creative technology, and the implementation of STEAM-related programs.