2017-18 Donor List


Anonymous (One Generous Family)
Anonymous (One Generous Family)
Hollie and Jay Haynes
Vy and Matt Hyman
Dipanwita and David Reis
Amanda and Bart Stephens
Tracey and Jonathan Turner


VALEDICTORIAN $25,000-$29,999

SALUTATORIAN $20,000-$24,999

Jessica and Hayes Barnard
Kathleen and Justin McCarthy
Christy and Hans Swildens

SUMMA CUM LAUDE $15,000-$19,999

Jamie and Jordan Gersch
Jennifer Fitch and Patrick McNerney
Jennifer Jorgensen Metz and Tim Metz
Michelle Paraiso Odland and Paul Odland
Deborah and Guiv Soofer
Katherine and Stephen Van Dusen

MAGNA CUM LAUDE $10,000-$14,999

Leigh and Steve Allocca
Kirstin Hoefer and Robert Brown
Missy and Artie DelNegro
Grace Chang and Jim Dignan
Kristine and Ben Dollard
Catherine Frymier
Kate and Crockett Jeffers
Kristi and Art Lamb
Courtney and Mark Leary
Courtney and Jon-Paul Momsen
Gabrielle Lajoie and Peter Nelson
Jennifer and Brian Riley
Chip Roame
Romney Resney and David Sandrich
Daryl Smith
Jeanne and Spencer Wang
Andrina Ramirez and Kenneth Welter
Michelle and Trevor Wilson

CUM LAUDE HONORS $7,500-$9,999

Anonymous (1 generous donor)
Michaela and Nazem Ahmadi
Jennifer and Brian Bank
Christina and Darin Bosch
The Cutler Family
Annie and Frank Defesche
Jacqueline and Joshua Endler
Victoria Camelio and Michael Fisch
Jessica Sterling-Malek and Mo Malek-Madani
Heather and Matthew Miller
Jennifer and Andrew Northrop
Jennifer and Raul Saavedra
Elizabeth and Jeffrey Webb

CUM LAUDE $5,000-$7,499

Katherine Dowling and Marc Axelbaum
Michele and Mike Barnowski
Shannan and Stephen Bishop
DeAnn and Matthew Biss
Mari and Ben Bowler
Jayme and Tom Catanese
Angela and Robert Chang
Samantha and Matthew Chatham
Taissa Cherry and Jay LaBourene
Stacey and Bruce Crawford
Doris Chang and Nicholas Crew
Velda and James Demmert
Hedieh and Luis Doffo
Kathryn and Antony Ellman
Alexandra and Marcus Fagersten
Blye and Aaron Faust
Alisa and Brian Golson
Carli and John Hamilton
Allison and Matt Hart
Kristen and Brian Hole
Lisa Edwards and Charles Hornbrook
Capucine and Andrew Hoybach
Maggie and Christopher Jackson
Golnaz Ashraf and Kayvan Kafayi
Caroline and Hall Kesmodel
Zeinab Nasser and Mathew Knowles
Aimee and Robert Lapic
Naomi and Robert Leonard
Kimberly and Tom Litle
Elaine Moore and Dana Long
Connie and Greg Maddox
Casey and Andre Mancl
Elizabeth McDermott
Sarah and Danny McNamara
Amy DeVincentis and James Mersfelder
Kate and Ali Mitchell
Daniela and Aaron Mount
Matthew Novotny
Whitney and Michael Peters
Orly and Mark Petri
Kimberly and Troy Pewitt
Megan and Peter Pirsch
Stephanie and Jon Plexico
Sara Klein and Jack Ryan
Tiffany and Andrew Sams
Caren and Matthew Schmidt
Jeff Schottenstein
Isabelle and Ben Schuman
Suzannah and Peter Scully
Katherine and Ross Seymore
Ghazaleh Jamei and Houman Sharif
Kim and Rick Sichel
Jennifer and Jeremy Sicklick
Laura and Brenden Smith
Caren and Wayne Stacy
Dana and Richard Steele
Alison and Jack Stiefel
Courtney and Stephen Svajian
Holli Thier
Brei and Geoff Tobin
Alexa and John Tolmie
Shelby and Jeffrey Tsai
Dawn Sylvester and John Tudor
Marcia and Mario Valente
Sherry and Aaron Wangenheim
Kara and Paul Warrin
Liat and Tim Weingarten
Elizabeth and Brian Wilhelm


Carrie and Eric Ask
Paul Cohen
Tina and Brian Davis
Emily and Ian Foley
Heather and Jamen Graves
Marta Llibre and Josep Gubau
Heather and Steve Johnson
Shannon and Rolf Kaiser
Tam Le and Ezra Murad
Ute Schulz and Sanford Redlich

HONOR ROLL $2,740-$4,109

Anonymous (1 generous donor)
Allison and Matthew Adelman
Nataliya and Juan Anon
Shaida and Ryan Aytay
Toni and Scott Beauchamp
Jennifer and Phillip Bennett
Debbie and Shawn Bennett
Tammy and Page Beykpour
Teresa Ou and Ulrik Binzer
Tina and Bill Borden
Jennifer and Anthony Brady
Mary Katherine and Michael Brock
Christine and Richard Cellini
Ann and Jason Cheu
Colleen and Jeffrey Chien
Michelle and Steven Cooke
Denisha and Daniel De Mos
Andrea Csupa and Matthew Ekroth
Erika and Edward Elliott
Elizabeth "Blair" and David Endean
Jennifer and Brian Engstrom
Audrey and Paras Fancy
Paige and Gerry Fassig
Julia and David Flaherty
Gwenaelle Lalet and Nicolas Genest
Amanda Rickel and Andre Gharakhanian
Kathleen and John Goodhart
Cindy and Chad Goodman
Kristina and Paul Hackwell
Rachel Stone and Alan Hakimi
Cathy and Chris Halberstadt
Elizabeth and John Held
Janelle and Robert Hofeditz
Deborah and Chris Holland
Deborah Odier and Geoff Howard
Dana and Jeffrey Hyman
Charlene and Ken Ip
Jacqueline and Ian Jaffee
Yvette and Tim Karman
Laurie and Brendan Kelly
Stacey and Noah Kempler
Sarah Wilson King and David King
Sophia and Abner Kingman
Nicole and Steven Klopukh
Linda Fassig-Knauer and Tom Knauer
Sherri and Jon Krahulik
Jodi and Carl Krawitt
Anne and Daniel Laury
Candice Truempert-Lee and Albert Lee
Reshma and Brad Lensing
Audrey and Mike Levernier
Christine Svanfeldt and Patrick Maher
Sonia and Frank McKenna
Andrea Dyer and Mike Miller
Ann Sheridan and Joseph Miller
Petra and Michael Mojabi
Clara Lu and Michael Moon
Tracy and Rodric O'Connor
Alison and Scott Parsons
Susan and Thomas Peitz
Claude Perasso
Jeanette Sung and Andrew Phelps
Vanessa and Shannon Phillips
Setarah Keyhani-Pouradib and Amirhassan Pouradib
Angela Loeffler and Aron Ralston
Michele and Tim Richards
Christine Cole and Michael Richman
Lily and Michael Rivo
Amy Kaufman and Hector Saldivar
Jessica and Abdul Saouaf
Kimberly and Walter Schmidt
Melissa and Jason Schneider
Rebecca and Richard Douglas Scott
Kimberly Verbonitz and Andrew Shapiro
Pamela Fearon and Matthew Suchodolski
Xiaoyun Wang and Brian Mordecai
Emilie and Brett Trimble
Virginia and Gregory Tusher
Teresa and John Van Hooser
Abigail and Michael Vare
Emily and Ritch Viola
Jena and Eric Watson
Melanie and Dave Wegner
Jennifer Rasmussen and Daren Wein
Christina and Greg Werner
Lanya and Juan Zambrano
Afsaneh Zolfaghari and Andrew Ashcroft

STUDENT SPONSOR $1,370-$2,739

Anonymous (1 generous donor)
Anonymous (1 generous donor)
Anonymous (1 generous donor)
Setiawati and Shiraz Allidina
Laura and Joe Belluomini
Susan and Bryan Bordon
Anat and Ran Bujanover
Joan and Tim Cahill
Carrie and Aaron Campbell
Valerie and Marc Chu
Anne Moffet Ciranni and Michael Ciranni
Nora Clifford
Jill Seman
Ambar and Mark Corbridge
Tracy and Tim Cunningham
Tina and Tim Davis
Olena and Keith Sampson
Kim and John Dilena
Catherine Haniff and Stephen Engstrom
Jennifer Lopez and Philip Fee
Jennifer and Marshall Feldman
Amy Manning and Michael Fitzsimmons
Alexandra and Jim Freeman
Samantha Sargent and Alexander Garden
Sarah Mansell and Jonathan Gaskin
Jennifer and Paul Gildea
Shannan Runner and Darrell Gillmeister
Caroline and Patric Glassell
Doug Glassman
Pamela and Daniel Goldman
Morgan and Richard Greenberg
Alyson and Bradley Harrington
Mark Herrero
Mickey and Mark Hubbell
Amira Iskander and Ramy Ibrahim
Sig-Britt and Doug Ivey
Louise and Shahram Izadi
Thanya and Nisit Jirangpitakkul
Sarah and Greg Kaplan
Tracy and John Rittenhouse
Jamie and Scott Kintz
Lauren and Nick Klinkert
Alexandria and David Knoll
Anna and Evgeny Krevets
Monica and Jeffrey Lax
Uma and George Lerner
Lawrence and Lena Lionetti
RuiRui Wang and WenFeng Liu
Jessica and Christopher McKnight
Jennifer Tiu and James Mullarney
Brenda and Dexter Roberts
Tammy and Stuart Nam
Anusha Sukumaran and Praveen Neppalli Naga
Christine and Andreas Neumeier
Tina and Tony Paikeday
Leilah Gilligan and Joshua Paul
Rebecca and Robert Paull
Amanda and Morgan Ramsey
Lindsay and Tim Regan
Jessica Safra and Peter Reidy
Kazue and Patrick Reynolds
Juliette Decker Rodenbeck and Brent Rodenbeck
Polina Selyutin and Chris Rubin
Sandra and Caesar Ruegg
Stephanie and Scott Rupp
Jeanine Thomas and David Samuel
Chelsea and Jason Schlunt
Leigh and Jack Schuberth
Judy Shen and Antony Scott
Rezvan Jorshary and Homam Sebti
Corinne and Chris Seton
Shannon and David Shaw
Leela and Sam Stake
Rebecca Tang and Timothy Stark
Elena and Michael Stephens
Alisa and Keith Stimson
Shannon and John Stolte
Vicki and Whitney Strotz
Orit and Kingsley Taylor
Shruti and Neelesh Vaikhary
Merris Delane and Rogier Verhulst
Erin and Stephen Weibel
Tessa and Marcus White
Laurie Carvajal and Scott Williams
Carla Rummo and Paul Williams
Samantha and James Winter
Dorota and Andrew Wisner
Miaoling Ge and Greg Wood
Belinda and David Wood
Jill Einstein and Peter Yolles
Patricia and David Young
Melissa and Erik Zech
Huiyu Zhou and Yanan Zhu


Anonymous (1 generous donor)
Anonymous (1 generous donor)
Anonymous (1 generous donor)
Marie-Laure Mathieu-Andorra and Florent Andorra
Sylvia and Omar Arias-Montez
Aelish and Khalid Baig
Bojana Rnjak and Omri Berger
Kathrine Bjersand and Mats Hellstrom
Dee Dayhoff-DeVinney and Darryl DeVinney
Sarah and Sam Bowen
Sandi Kochhar and Mark Bradt
Maureen Kohi and Robert Capone
David Collier
Susan Moellenberg and Keith Collins
Agne and John Christensen
Linda Behla and Jeffrey Davis
Jennifer and Sam Dibble
Charlotte and Jon Doyle
Amy and Alexis Dugdale
Amy Weaver and Jeff Fisher
Maryam and Ali Fooman
Paul Fox
Yana and Amir Friedman
Maija Muncy
James Frisbie
Michele and Paul Fuegner
Athanasia Stefanaki and Konstantinos Giannakis
Merrill and Peter Gillespie
LesLeigh and Neil Golson
Kimberly and Matthew Gormley
Michelle and Tom Haan
Whitney and Michael Hanley
Dana Berke and Garrett Harden
Melanie and Jim Harris
Scarlett and Joseph Headley
Caroline Errington and Neil Henk
Kevin Jensen
Krista Linkogle-Kaplan and Dan Kaplan
Donald Keith LeClaire
Loretta and Dr. Avery Lieberman
Vanessa and David Littleton
Ashley and Andrew Marty
Ella Krainsky and Ali Massoumi
Kerianne and Christopher McBride
Nathalie Delrue-McGuire and Garry McGuire
Elizabeth Mitchell
Charito and David Mittelman
Ann-Marie Taylor and Merrick Musolf
Atelaite and Josevata Namatasere
David Nelson
Bonnie and Adam Nevitt
Kim and David Ngo
Nancy O'Neill
Susan Ellsweig and Gary Barnett
Valeria Pinna
Maya and Giles Peyton-Nicoll
Matina Seremetis and Andres Pineda
Graciela and Robert Placak
Ashley and Craig Read
Mona Helen and James Renney
Gretchen LeBuhn and Mark Reynolds
Kim and Joe Root
Liliana Naficy-Royal and Kenneth Royal
Rekha Subbarao and Sanjeev Koppalu
Caryn Wu and Amir Sarhangi
Anjali and Rajiv Sawhney
Masako Takagi
Azita Taghavy and Mohammad Sharafsaleh
Brahm Sheray
Melissa Nguyen and Suvan Sisuphan
Misa Desai and Benjamin Sullivan
Gabriella and Adam Tabak
Rani Thomas and Tom Joseph
Ekaterina Udalova and David Hamner
Kristen and Mark Vasquez
Ninotchka and David Vicini
Lana and Philippe Violette