I am honored to join the Executive Board of the Foundation for Reed Schools and look forward to working for the Foundation and with this community. In the past two years, the Foundation has successfully met its $2 million commitment to RUSD. We simply could not have reached our financial goals without such a dedicated team of parent volunteers and the  generous contribution of nearly 75% of our parent community! THANK YOU!

Our 2018-19 commitment to the District is, once again, $2 million. Our fundraising goal of $2.3 million will allow us to meet our RUSD grant commitment while continuing to replenish previously diminished reserves and secure the financial health of the Foundation. With a continued decrease in the number of families living in the district, emphasis on family participation remains critical. The Foundation’s ultimate goal is to have every family participate in the Family Giving Campaign.

This year, it will cost RUSD $1,450 per student to fund our teachers and programs. There are many ways to contribute to the Family Giving Campaign, and we encourage families to consider donations of stock. Donating appreciated stock is a tax efficient way to support the Foundation. We also strongly encourage donors to pursue a matching donation from their employers. Use the searchable tool on our website to see if your employer offers corporate matching. Many companies will match up to 100% of your gift! Our team has streamlined both of these processes, making them quick and easy for our donors.

I continue to be grateful for this community’s steadfast commitment to academic excellence and look forward to a continued partnership on behalf of our schools.

Rob Leonard
Treasurer, Foundation for Reed Schools